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Alex is a stats and utilities Discord bot for MCC and MCC Island, built with Node.js and Discord.js. It started out as a project to view MCC event information and statistics, but I plan to grow the project to include more features in the future.

Currently Alex features commands to grab information from the MCC Event API, including teams, scores and world records. It can also show all the hidden badges available on MCC Island, as well as how to get them, and contains a lookup feature for finding how and where to craft cosmetics that you may be missing.

Alex also has a web-based dashboard where you can invite the bot to your server and customise certain settings. You can check out the website at
The codebase for Alex, as well as the web dashboard, is open source and available on GitHub at and respectively.


View information about the most recent MCC event, or the next one, including the teams
See the scores of the previous of MCC event, including team and individual placements
Browse MCC world records in the Hall of Fame (now legacy)
Lookup hidden badges and cosmetics you are missing on MCC Island
Set a customisable reminder for the MCC Island daily reset

Future Updates

The first major update I plan to add, is a feature to lookup and view information and statistics about players on MCC Island. This will include things such as their rank, trophies, badges, cosmetics and more, however this addition is subject to the release of the MCC Island API.

The next is adding several more utilty features to the bot, including expanding the existing database of cosmetics to allow players to lookup any cosmetic on the Island as well as the ability to view wiki pages for any item, location or cosmetic.

Lastly, I plan to create an encompanying Fabric mod which will include, amongst other features, an in-game quest tracker, a player statistic viewer, Discord Rich Presence and more!


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