👋 Hi, I'm Archie!

I'm a 20 year old developer and designer from the UK, and I go by SirArchibald online. I am passionate about design and development and I created this website to showcase some of my own work, teams I have been a part of, and other info about me!

I have 8 years experience with programming and mostly develop for Minecraft and the web, which I plan to continue into a career. I'm currently studying an undergraduate degree in software engineering, where I am in my third and final year. In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, reading fantasy novels and swimming!

Some other things I've been a part of include...

MCC Game Tester

MCC Game Tester

I help to play test the MCC event and the MCC Island Minecraft server, providing feedback and bugs to the developers!

MCC Moderator

MCC Moderator

I am a volunteer moderator for the MCC Island Minecraft server, helping to keep the community safe and fun!

📂 Projects I've worked on!

MCC Island Stats Logo

MCC Island Stats

JavaScriptNode.jsSvelteMongoDBOpen Source

A website to view player stats from the MCC Island Minecraft server, including player information, game stats, badges, friends, status and more!

Alex Logo


DiscordJavaScriptNode.jsMongoDBOpen Source

A Discord bot to view information about the MCC event including results from past events, the current teams and stats from the Hall of Fame. Check out more information about Alex on its website!

Centurion Logo


DiscordJavaScriptNode.jsMySQLOpen Source

An RPG-style Discord bot for a community server, featuring custom built currency, inventory, shops, and items. This was developed for a community server owned by a friend and influencer.

Pushback Logo



A Roblox duelling game, built by myself and a business partner, in which players battle to push each other off an arena. It features custom built maps, weapon skins, shops and crates and leaderboards.

PocketGames Logo


MinecraftKotlinPaperSQLiteOpen Source

A Minecraft plugin which adds several minigames to your server, including classics like Rock Paper Scissors and Tic Tac Toe as well as originals such as Fish Match! Features multiplayer modes as well as an in-built database to store player stats and leaderboards.

Blair's Brainiacs Logo

Blair's Brainiacs


Formed over lockdown, Blair's Brainiacs became the largest study community in the UK! I helped administrate the server, as well as developed several bots to handle moderation, an economy and custom minigames.

Discord Bot Template Logo

Discord Bot Template

DiscordJavaScriptNode.jsOpen Source

A GitHub template to easily create a Discord bot quickly, built in JavaScript & Node.js with Discord.js v14. It includes a custom built slash command handler, event listeners, and support for environment variables.

📷 Find me online!